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Winter Plants Delivered

Just because the summer weather has passed doesn't mean you can't keep enjoying fresh green plants around the house. While cut flowers can add a burst of color and freshness for a short time, winter plants will grace your home with a continued burst of life throughout the coldest months. From hanging air plants to potted poinsettias, browse our selection of winter plants online to find the perfect bit of greenery to get your through the cold season.

Winter Plants Help Freshen Up Your Home

A little greenery can go a long way in giving your home a warmer, cozier feeling during the cold winter months. A traditional favorite around Christmas, you can continue to enjoy the vibrant red leaves of a poinsettia for many more months as long as it gets enough sunlight and water.   Plus, plants like the sansevieria (or snake plants) have been shown to actually filter the air according to a Clean Air Study conducted by NASA.* That means you can enjoy their thick, multi-hued green leaves and the smell of fresh air even while bundled up tightly inside.   Of course, if you're set on some brighter colors to contrast the snowy landscape outdoors, certain bulb-based flowers can also grow inside during the winter, including amaryllis, hyacinths, and daffodils.

Taking Care of Winter Plants

Choosing the right winter plants starts with deciding how much time you want to spend tending to them. With the right level of light and care, you can grow everything from seasonal poinsettias to traditional indoor plants like pothos and succulents throughout the winter season.   We have pre-made baskets and potted winter plants you can display right away. With just a little watering and the proper sunlight, they'll stay fresh and vibrant all winter long. If you want something to satisfy your gardening itch until spring rolls back around, bonsai plants are a great way to keep occupied while adding a tasteful, delicate touch to an office or study.

Find Winter Plants Online with FTD

Whether you're looking for an elegant conversation piece like a bonsai tree or terrarium or you prefer the lush foliage of poinsettias and snake plants, FTD makes it easy to have winter plants delivered right to your home or office. Winter plants also make great gifts for friends and family in colder climates. Pick out a low-maintenance succulent or a colorful shelf plant to keep a smile on their face throughout the cold months!   *NASA Clean Air Study: Wolverton, B.C., Johnson, A. & Bounds, K. (1989) Interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement – final report. NASA, Stennis Space Center, MS. †Our products are not endorsed by, or associated with, NASA.