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Cremation Flowers

FTD offers a beautiful variety of cremation flowers that are perfect for a cremation ceremony. From orchids, to lilies, roses, and more, you have a large and beautiful selection of floral arrangements to choose from. Whether you want to send a bouquet, a plant, or a spray, FTD provides same day delivery so that your floral gift will arrive on time to the service.

Cremation Flowers FAQ

What is a cremation ceremony?

A cremation ceremony is a memorial service that acts as an alternative to the traditional funeral. In most cremations, no remains are interred into the ground. Thus, a cremation ceremony gives the family, friends, and acquaintances of the departed an opportunity to come together and pay their final respects. Cremation ceremonies typically don’t cost as much money as funerals do, and for that reason, they’re usually less formal—but it entirely depends upon the wishes of the family and/or the deceased. At cremation ceremonies, there is usually a more informal period allotted where each attendee can pay his or her respects in a unique way.

Do you send flowers for a cremation service?

It’s common to send flowers for a cremation service. In fact, many of the same elements of a funeral service can be used in a cremation ceremony, like music, remembrances, prayers, and the sending of flowers. Be advised that it’s becoming increasingly popular for some families to ask for donations to charity rather than sending floral arrangements. Nonetheless, you can always send floral arrangements and also donate to the family’s preferred charity. At a cremation service, the family typically arranges to have a lovely funeral wreath wrapped around the urn. Additional wreaths, sprays, funeral bouquets, and memorial plants may be set around the urn. If you’re well-acquainted with the departed’s family, you can also send them condolence gifts to go alongside the floral arrangement.

What are the best flowers for a cremation service?

White flowers have often been used in funerals and memorial services because the color white is associated with reverence. Flowers with springtime colors are also frequently used because spring is associated with rebirth and hope. But any kind of flower may be appropriate for a cremation service, depending on the circumstance and the wishes of the departed. If the departed loved sunflowers, for instance, it might be appropriate to send sunflowers to the service.