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Plants are excellent gifts. They make beautiful decorations, they are universally appreciated, and they can suit almost any occasion. If you’re looking to wish someone a happy birthday, congratulate a coworker for a promotion, or simply tell someone far away that you’re thinking of them, plant delivery is a classy and thoughtful option.

Plants Frequently Asked Questions

What plants are best to gift?

The best gift plants are easy to maintain, have vibrant leaves and flowers, and can easily fit in someone’s home as a decoration. Luckily, at FTD, our gift plants fit the bill! From lush tropical lilies to minimalist succulent arrangements, our potted plants will be sure to please on any occasion. Consider rose plants for a creative alternative to a bouquet. Or, try sending beautiful blooming plants for lovely office ornaments that will brighten the recipient’s desk space! All plants in our collection are specially selected to be striking, elegant, and fresh upon delivery.

Are plants great for any occasion?

Plants make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, promotions, and anniversaries — especially when paired with gourmet chocolates and other treats. However, a plant delivered straight to your special someone’s door can be a thoughtful and heartfelt gift option no matter the occasion. Housewarming is one of the most popular reasons to gift a plant. With so much new space to fill, the lucky recipient will be grateful to have a stunning and tasteful decoration to adorn a sunlit corner or sit on their kitchen table. Gorgeous green plants are an easy way to make a space feel more like home. And azalea plants – beloved for their delicate pink blooms -- make great gifts for coworkers, bosses, in-laws, and new friends. When you’re unsure what exactly someone’s taste may be, deciding to order a plant is always a sure bet.

How do I order plants online for delivery?

Shop our collection of best selling plants and send a living gift to someone you care about. Whether a pearl rose plant or a daffodil bulb garden, your plant delivery gift will brighten up any space. Wondering how to send a plant with FTD? Follow these tips on how to order potted plants delivery:

  • Step One: Browse our online selection of plants for delivery. Many are sent in charming baskets, ceramic pots or containers. Choose a plant that best suits the recipient and the occasion. A Spathiphyllum plant – also known as a peace lily—makes for an elegant, easy-to-care option, as do our jade succulent plants.

  • Step Two: Once you have chosen the best plant for delivery, you can create a personalized message to accompany your botanical gift, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, a romantic anniversary, or to congratulate a couple on their new baby.

  • Step Three: Follow our simple online instructions when making your purchase. Be sure to include the full name of the recipient, their address, and the date you want the plant to arrive. In some cases, you can choose same or next-day delivery, which can be a lifesaver for last minute gift giving.

What are the best low-maintenance plants?

Succulents and air plants are often considered some of the lowest maintenance plants. After all, with a little spritz of water now and then, they’ll be perfectly happy! However, there are plenty of other options for larger, more luscious plants that are still fairly simple to take care of. Most of the potted plants in our catalog require partial sunlight and regular water. We make sure they’re healthy and well-established by the time they arrive at the recipient’s door, so don’t worry about having to plant them or wait for them to grow — they’re beautiful just as they come! Potted plants can be a meaningful and memorable way to tell someone that you appreciate them, that you’re thankful, or even just that you’re thinking of them. And don’t worry, if you need your plant there today, we offer same day plant delivery on select options. FTD is your one-stop shop to order plants online for delivery.

Send plant gifts they will love

Our online selection of flowering and evergreen plants is always changing, so be sure to check back for new plant arrivals. No matter the occasion or celebration, you’ll find the perfect gift plant at FTD. And while there’s no denying the splendor of fresh-cut flowers, a potted plant will last much longer, and remind the recipient for many months or even years of your kind gesture. Whether characterized by waxy green foliage or seasonal blooms, plants can lift the spirits and remind us that we are all connected to nature. Shop All Plants today and send a one-of-a-kind delivery to that special someone in your life.