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Birthday Roses

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like an arrangement of beautiful, vibrant happy birthday roses. Whether you’re looking for a romantic bouquet for your partner, bright blooms for your favorite friend, or a classy gift for your favorite coworker, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of happy birthday roses.

Birthday Roses FAQs

Should you get a bouquet of roses or rose plants?

Both rose plants and bouquets of roses are excellent birthday gifts. Whichever one you choose will fill your loved one with joy. When it comes down to deciding which one you should get, think of the recipient. If you’re sending birthday roses to someone who loves to cultivate plants and is happy to spend time making sure that they are nurtured, watered, and healthy, it’d be an awesome idea to send them a birthday delivery of rose plants. This way, they can enjoy their roses for a very long time, fulfilling all of their green thumb desires.

If, on the other hand, you have someone in your life who doesn't know a potting tarp from a watering can, you might be better off sending that person a bouquet of roses. Rose bouquets are beautiful because they bring a glorious burst of color into the home for at least a week, filling the recipient with joy and reminding them of your gift every time they look at it. Another great thing about bouquets is that, once the blooms start to fade, they can actually be dried and repurposed as potpourri or hung as dried flower decor.

How can someone prolong the life of their birthday roses?

If you have someone who wants to keep their roses looking good for as long as possible, the first rule is to make sure they keep the vase clean. They should cut the stems of the roses, and they should remove the leaves. Also, keep the roses in a cool spot and change the water frequently. These few tips will allow your loved one's birthday roses to last as long as possible.

Send same day flower delivery of birthday roses with FTD, celebrating another year around the sun of your favorite people. From anniversary roses to preserved roses, there’s something for everyone.

Roses are Perfect Birthday Flowers for Your Partner

When it comes to a romantic partner, dramatic long-stemeed romantic roses in red or white will never fall out of favor. For a more modern look, a mixed bouquet of soft peach roses surrounded by lilies and other flowers are a chic and on-trend way to wish them the happiest of birthdays. For an artistic or fashion-forward partner who stands out in a crowd, a bold blue rose bouquet truly makes a statement. Deep blue blooms of all kinds are also a great birthday gift for a husband or boyfriend.

Birthday Roses for Your BFF

Make your best friend’s happy birthday roses symbolize all the great times you’ve shared by choosing roses that reflect their personality. For the fun, funky or free-spirited friend, consider a vibrant and on-trend bouquet of rainbow roses. If your friend loves gardening or exploring the great outdoors, rose plants surrounded by sunflowers and daisies are a perfect match for their laid back vibe. Choose happy birthday yellow roses to celebrate their birthday and your friendship.

For the Coolest Coworker, Send Birthday Roses

Every office has a coworker who brings a bit of kindness and warmth wherever they go. Celebrate their sweet disposition with a rose delivery sent on their birthday. Want to make it a birthday gift they’ll always remember? Add in a little treat by surrounding their bouquet with cupcakes or donuts for everyone to share!

Choosing the Right Happy Birthday Roses

Everyone loves birthday roses! For friends, family, significant others, coworkers and more, send happy birthday roses delivery to all of the special people in your life from all the options in our collection. Shop all roses to find your absolute perfect bouquet, or shop all flowers to find something completely different!