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New Baby Flowers, Gifts & Plants

What better way to send your warm wishes and congratulations to a growing family than with a gorgeous gift that celebrates the new baby’s arrival? FTD carries a high-quality selection of new baby flowers, gifts, and plants so you can share your excitement with your loved ones, even if you can’t be there for the birth. Order your gift for a new baby today so that when the delivery date arrives, all you need to do is be by their side! From our stunning roses to our gorgeous lilies, and from our blooming houseplants to our bountiful gift baskets, FTD has what you need to make those new parents feel comforted and thankful to have a loved one like you in their lives.

New Baby Flowers, Gifts & Plants FAQs

If you are a person without children of your own or have kids that are all grown up and out of the house, you may be unfamiliar with what new parents want, or which new baby flowers will make the biggest impact on the growing family. The good news for you is that FTD has the knowledge to curate the best new baby flowers and gifts, and we have the know-how to create floral masterpieces to celebrate the newest family member. Bouquets of flowers spark joy wherever they’re placed, and new parents sitting up late at night with their new baby can be filled with elation when their eyes land on the gorgeous flowers you’ve sent. It’s just a little something that reminds them that, even if they can’t be there, their loved ones are celebrating the birth of their new family member.

Do you send flowers when someone has a baby?

If you want to! It is customary to give a gift to welcome a new baby and congratulate the mother — flowers are a perfect way to do that! Flowers for a new baby boy or flowers for a new baby girl make for an excellent gift for new parents as they inject positivity, energy, and love into any room — something they will surely enjoy as they transition into this new chapter. We also have adorable new baby gifts filled with soft and snuggly bears and blankets, as well as other essentials that both parents and babies will appreciate.

Think about what you know about the family before making your selection. Are they the types of people who are usually very practical? Maybe you can surprise them by gifting them with an exotic bouquet of flowers paired with some of our pampering gifts like spa baskets! They’ll be thrilled that, at this most special moment of their lives, someone did something for them that they’d never do for themselves. And remember, you can send flowers at any point. Surprise the parents-to-be at their shower, send a gorgeous bouquet to the hospital, or send it to the parents at home. Flowers are always welcome, and there will never be a time that the parents won’t be delighted to receive your gift.

What flowers do you give for a new baby?

A beautiful bouquet of new baby flowers is always well received, especially if you choose flowers that have the perfect meaning. Typically, if you're sending a baby bouquet, you want to choose a colorful arrangement that radiates joy, love, and excitement. Choosing the flowers by color is the best way to ensure you send the right message. Here are a few of the blooms we recommend for a baby bouquet:

  • Yellow lilies, roses, alstroemeria, and sunflowers: the bright hue of these flowers convey happiness for their new bundle of joy.

  • White daisies, lilies, hydrangeas, and tulips: white flowers represent hope, purity, and perfection — just like a new baby.

  • Pink roses, lilies, tulips, and orchids: the color of love and sweetness, pink flowers always make a great gift for mom or daughter.

  • Orange flowers like marigolds, zinnias, and chrysanthemums are beautiful options for late summer and fall babies, filling the home with a warm glow that matches the love the new parents feel for their little one. Spring orange flowers like dahlias and birds of paradise will light up new parents’ homes with joyful energy.

If you don’t know the gender of the baby or prefer to send flowers that can work for any baby, you’ve got a world of options available to you. You could send simple, contemporary bouquets for parents who have more of a modernistic vibe. You could select matching or non-matching bouquets for parents of twins. You can choose bold, lush, multi-hued bouquets filled with rich, deep colors for new parents who love filling their home with vivid energy.

Can newborns be around fresh flowers?

Yes, newborns can be around fresh flowers! Meaning those sunflowers, roses, daisies, or any other baby flower arrangements you have been eyeing will make the perfect new baby gifts for those brand new parents. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in a balloon delivery, too! The brand-new parents in your life will be thankful that you are sending them love and support, even if you are far away. If you do find that you are in town and near them, though, don’t be afraid to drop off a pre-made meal or two for them to enjoy. They will be so relieved to know that they have an easy-to-prepare meal ready to go when they are both lacking sleep from being up for midnight feedings. And for the final cherry on top of this celebration of their new bundle of joy, don’t be afraid to send one of FTD’s sweet treats gift baskets for them to munch on throughout their days. Though the baby can’t enjoy them, the new parents will be thrilled to have something yummy to enjoy whenever they please.

What items are included in baby gift baskets?

We offer a number of different baby gift baskets that come with a variety of treats, essentials, and baby toys. Our new baby gift baskets are carefully curated to cater to the needs of a newborn and the must-haves for new parents. Some of our selections include toys or items to help care for the baby, and others come packed with sweets to help keep the parents going as they care for their new child.

What should I buy for a baby basket?

If you are trying to create your own baby basket for the new parents in your life, things you may want to include are baby wipes, diapers, booties, onesies, bath toys, and teething rings. But since those are sometimes super specific to the baby in question, it is safer to go with something you know the parents will love, like chocolate-covered strawberries, a fruit basket, or a savory meat and cheese basket to be enjoyed for days to come. Sweet and savory treats and thoughtful items are always a good choice when it comes to what to buy for a baby basket for the new parents in your life.

Timing Is Everything: Send New Baby Gifts Today!

At FTD, you'll find unique gift baskets, bouquets, and plants for baby boys, baby girls, and new parents alike. And given the recent trend of waiting to find out the newborn's gender until birth, we also offer plenty of gender-neutral baby gifts. Our online ordering platform makes it simple to send your gift just in time for the new bundle of joy. And while the baby's forecasted arrival date may come a few days late, our flower arrangements, sweet treats, and congratulatory plants will always be delivered on time.