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Hanukkah Flowers & Gifts

Hanukkah is a time filled with light, joy, and family. What better way to celebrate this eight-day celebration than by sending Hanukkah gifts from FTD? The Festival of Lights is a wintertime holiday that is celebrated by lighting the nine-branched menorah, with families giving gifts, eating foods cooked with oil, and reciting their blessings. Our Hanukkah floral arrangements will grace your holiday table or serve as a memorable gift to a loved one. With beautiful Hanukkah flowers from FTD, you can make this holiday one to remember

Why do you give gifts for Hannukah?

Although Hanukkah is a minor holiday according to Jewish custom, it has become a popular gift-giving celebration, especially in North America, due to its close proximity to the Christmas holidays. Because Hanukkah falls during the winter holiday months, many families have begun exchanging Hanukkah gifts to show love and appreciation. At FTD, you can send Hanukkah gifts to all of your loved ones. From Hanukkah floral arrangements to delicious kosher food baskets, we have your gift-giving needs taken care of.

What type of flowers should you send for Hanukkah?

Looking to send Hanukkah arrangements to your Jewish friends or family this year? Hanukkah is very symbolic, and flowers that represent the Hanukkah holiday will go a long way. White and blue Hanukkah flowers will not only bring beauty to their home, but also represent colors of the Israeli flag, which flies for the homeland of the Jewish people. At FTD, we have a plethora of white flowers and blue bouquets you can send for Hanukkah that will look great beside their menora.

Do adults celebrate Hanukkah?

Yes, Hanukkah is celebrated by both adults and children alike. Hanukkah is a time for families to come together and commemorate the rededication of the Second Temple. If you’re looking to send Hanukkah gifts, you’re in the right place. From kosher food gift baskets to Hanukkah flower arrangements, FTD has the Hanukkah gifts you’re looking for. This year, you’ll be able to send the best gifts that will make your friends and family light up with joy the moment they see their floral arrangement or gift basket on their doorstep.